2. Februar 2013


Learned something new! Frogged an almost finished body of a cardigan and started it over again. I will never sew in ends EVER again! *yay*

9. August 2012


I sold my sewing machine. After years of just having it stand in different places, occupying space and staring at me reproachfully, I caved in and found her a nice new home where her quilting abilities will be useful. Can't stop thinking about doing one last project with her, it's keeping me up at nights...strange how things go.

16. Juli 2012


Yay! Passed my exam and can now call myself an officially certified quality representative! Aaaand *drumroll* I managed to finally pick out my dress (will need to do a second fitting next Saturday). Aaaand *moredrumrolls* I bought my ring! Checklist: Dates - Set and booked and paid for! Food/Drinks - All arranged! Guests - All are informed of the big event, official invitations will go out this week! Anticipation is mounting and happiness is all around.

20. März 2012


are really working out well at the moment!

Thursday last week: Horseback riding. Went well. The pain afterwards was just as bad as I'd anticipated but for my back it was a relief.

Saturday: Gym. Went as expected. Very unfit. Pain on Sunday was horrible (legs and breast muscles...back feeling better).

Monday: Inline skating. Didn't fall. Experienced Windmill of Death only three times. No pain any more.

Today: Gym. I expect to hurt afterwards.

Next Thursday: Riding lesson in the morning and inline skating in the evening.

I feel healthy and fit and I've lost three pounds. So something is happening!

Sadly, no knitting whilst at home but I've downloaded knitcompanion and already transferred some patterns. Now I just need to work out how to actually use the app properly.

16. März 2012

Change of heart

A while back I decided I needed to do something about my back and yes, I'm working on that (and general flabbiness of body and mind)

A colleague of mine and me, we decided to join forces and found a great place for grown-up riders in need of a fresh-up, once or twice a week I'm now back to riding.

Tomorrow, a different colleague of mine and I are going to go to a different and smaller fitness studio.

And I have decided to stop and not buy myself a big loom, instead, I spent some of that money on a device which is being launched in stores today (hopefully mine will be with me by Tuesday) and some bucks on inline skates, protective gear and a helmet. A lot of people are already busy on the streets and after much trial and error I might be one of them!

So, yay to health and fitness...yayyyy...

27. Februar 2012

To Spend or Not to...

Should I buy myself a treat and indulge in my weaving fancy? Should I spend LOTS and get a "real" loom like the Schacht Baby Wolf (and deplete my funds completely) or should I do the sensible thing and get a Flip? Sheesh, I haz easy life if these decisions are troubling me...

8. Februar 2012

Early Spring Cleaning

Bought boxes from IKEA and started sorting through fabric and yarn stash. Three medium sized boxes are now filled with yarn, two big boxes harbour my fabric. All are crammed underneath my project table.

BF's snarky comment: Doesn't look any different from when you started trashing this place.

Thanks so much.

Then again, looking at it from a distance...he sadly is right.

Need to do a lot more knitting and sewing, methinks. Haven't bought fabric or yarn in five months. Yours truly, a proud destasher.