16. März 2012

Change of heart

A while back I decided I needed to do something about my back and yes, I'm working on that (and general flabbiness of body and mind)

A colleague of mine and me, we decided to join forces and found a great place for grown-up riders in need of a fresh-up, once or twice a week I'm now back to riding.

Tomorrow, a different colleague of mine and I are going to go to a different and smaller fitness studio.

And I have decided to stop and not buy myself a big loom, instead, I spent some of that money on a device which is being launched in stores today (hopefully mine will be with me by Tuesday) and some bucks on inline skates, protective gear and a helmet. A lot of people are already busy on the streets and after much trial and error I might be one of them!

So, yay to health and fitness...yayyyy...

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